Make it last forever

And ever and ever...

One of our most recent crusades is against the commonly held belief that you should never take your most precious jewelry off. We have a theory around here that it happened by watching our mothers' behavior around their diamond/emerald/sapphire/ruby rings and earrings (always blame your parents, right?). Admittedly, we've all had that recurring nightmarish vision of a diamond stud washed down the drain or an heirloom emerald lost to the nether reaches of the heating vents, but we have a scarier ghost story to tell here. 

Diamonds should be forever, but sometimes they aren't.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Image courtesy of Serge Ouachée


Image courtesy of Serge Ouachée

Things that will pack your ring full of unspeakable horrors and dull the stone:
Gardening. Dirt, rocks, worm bits, whatever! If it's not getting stuffed under your stone, it's softening the facets or putting gouges in the ring or stone.
Washing dishes/Cleaning. Bang, clang, crash. The soap, detergent, food particles, and the abrasiveness of the sponge can all pull a number on your rock and setting. 
Cooking. Unless you're a Puritan, you probably use some form of oil or fat when you cook. Those can build up as deposits in the crevices of your ring and dull the sparkle. Plus, who wants meatloaf hiding under their diamond? (Insert blood diamond joke here).
Lotion and makeup. Make removing your ring part of the ritual of getting ready. When you apply lotion, take your ring off and allow yourself to dry before putting it back on. Why? I'm sure you've guessed by now, but cosmetics build up. We've seen some scary Cucumber Melon scented rings in our time.

More things that will wreck your shit:
Exercise. This is by no means a valid excuse to skip the gym today, but to avoid any undue crushing, twisting, or sweating affecting your setting, we would absolutely recommend ditching the ring. Carrying anything heavy can stretch the ring or damage the prongs.
Swimming. Bare is beautiful! The ocean eats jewelry all the time, so unless you want to leave gifts for the mermaids, leave your jewels at home. Chlorine in pools is also extremely corrosive and will chew at metal and stones. 
Babies. We love babies, but they tug and pull and wiggle. Chains can snap, earrings can pop, or diamonds can appear later in a diaper. 

To be direct as possible, if you wear your ring every second of every day you will destroy it. Diamonds are the favorite for engagement jewelry specifically because they can take a beating, but you should treat them well. Stones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are also durable, but they're not invincible. In a later post, we'll talk about other popular (but scarier and softer) stones like pearls, opals, and turquoise. And with gold, much like how the river will wear down rocks over time, daily activities will wear down your gold. 

Also, if you got your ring from us we will always clean it for free and look it over for any damage that may have happened along the way. We love our people!

Kate Cosden