Fall Freshness

Transitions and change

Fall evokes many different feelings for people who live in places with seasons (giving serious side eye to you, Southern California and Hawaii). We're all fall babies at Nine Roses (two Scorpios and a Libra, look out), so it's birthday season as well as the slow and steady shift into hibernation. Fall is change, crunchy leaves, spooky holidays, and believe it or not, the beginning of engagement season (no really, that's a thing, ask any other jeweler), so we want to show you what we've changed around here.


Great bowls of diamonds!

Lower left and center by us, top right Yasuko Azuma.

We need to talk about color

Coming from Upstate New York, fall was always a brief and anxiety filled affair. "WINTER IS COMING," people would cry on the streets, knowing that soon everything would be grey and cold for six months. I don't think I ever truly appreciated color until I spent a winter up there, so these luminous beauties really speak to me. 

1: Nine Roses. Grey diamonds, sapphires, 18k yellow gold.
2: Nine Roses. Paraiba tourmaline, diamonds, 18k white gold. 
3. Nvit Blanche. Lemon diamond, white diamonds, 18k white gold.

Witchy Vibes

Halloween is without a doubt one of the best holidays and while you won't find us in a sexy bumblebee costume anytime soon, we embrace the freedom it gives us to be someone or something else just for a moment. We love that Halloween gives you the chance to transform yourself before winter comes and honestly, just to let your freak flag fly in general. So in addition to colors and sparkles, we're also thinking about the uncanny, the esoteric, the odd, and the "other."


Momento Mori


Both rings by Nvit Blanche. 18k yellow, diamonds, and enamel. We love how the enamel gives the skull a ghostly cast.

Both pieces Nvit Blanche. Necklace is 18k rose gold and shows the Scorpio constellation (hellooooo birthday present!). Bracelets are 18k yellow and show Perseus galaxy. You can read more about this series here.

Hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our cabinet of curiosities! Next week we're getting a really exciting shipment from a designer we've never represented before, so we will show you that as soon as we have it in our hands. 

xoxo kate

Kate Cosden