• Dr. Awesome

    Our buddy Steve Crandall took a few minutes out of his day to share his awesome vibes with us.  Steve has always impressed me with his positivity, need to take awesome to the next level, and his passion for my dog Andre.  

    Hows your day going so far?  So far today has been awesome, I have had some good coffee, rode some bikes, had some good foods, and said hi to some nice people that I like... Did some work too, so that's good.
    Do you miss Andre? EFFF YEAHHHH!!!!!
    How long have you been riding bikes? I first started racing bicycle moto cross in 1986, that was a lifestyle changing moment for me as a pre teen kid, I lost interest in traditional sports and activities and have been rolling around on some version of two wheels ever since. I think i first jumped a bike though dating back to about 1979...
    photo by Mike Escamilla                        photo by @FBMmachineshop
    Tell us the most bad ass story about FBM:  The most badass story about FBM is that we have survived since 1993 as an independent brand, as an American Manufacturer of Bicycles and components since 2001, which is especially tough as a community based business, employing actual bike riders, in the design, fabrication, warehousing, and sales aspects of our small business.
     We have built bicycles for the most decorated X Games competitors, as well as young riders, casual cyclists, and have made cool stuff in our tiny factory like like vegetable oil conversion fuel tanks for cars, taco trays, motorcycle parts, and one of my favorites is when we cut a pair of handlebars in half, welded them onto an old stainless grill top on each side, turning them into handles, creating the worlds first "Handle Bar and Grill" camping mod. Maximum stokeage.
    Favorite color? red.
    Top 5 favorite things to do?  top 5? Drink coffee, ride bikes, travel, work hard and be friendly!
    What's for dinner? Something on the grill, I think Corn on the cob is starting to be in season

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