My good friend Karl really rules. He worked his ass off with me renovating our space. We fabricated, we painted, we fixed holes, and built all kinds of things. He taught me skills that are priceless. He is a wood working master and I am super happy to have him as a friend. 
    He owns and operates a handmade furniture brand called Iron Oak. His secret lair/workshop is one of my favorite places in town. Its a wealth of knowledge and TOOLS (Karl has the most tools)! Karl likes the old tools. The ones that are not "complete pieces of shit". He maintains and cares for them like children, as a master should. 

    He has an insane collection of old wood. He seems to have a nose for finding great hauls. His collection is awesome!

    Hard working American man. Keeping furniture a tradition and permanent in a culture of temporary goods. 
    Thanks Karl!

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