• -Nine Roses Welcomes Michelle Fantaci-

    Knowing that each of her meticulously crafted pieces age beautifully, Michelle Fantaci’s jewelry is portrayed as wearable art that can be passed down from generation to generation.


    She hopes the wearer feels at home in her jewelry and that both the jewelry and wearer work symbiotically to radiate inner beauty.

    Each piece is painstakingly drawn, designed, and crafted using unusual colors. Combinations of fourteen and eighteen karat gold, precious gems, colored diamonds and raw metallic finishes give each piece the essence of a “modern heirloom” portraying that even though the item is new, its value transcends style and is able to be worn confidently.

    Michelle Fantaci is a New York native and is also the designer and artisan of her own jewelry collection. Michelle studied Metal Smithing in Florence, Italy while in college which solidified her passion for jewelry and design. This led her to go on to study wax modeling under the well-known teacher Fred de Vos. Michelle takes pride in her very developed process, which is backed by hours of model building and sketching to ensure the beauty and radiance of her products.


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