• -Nine Roses Welcomes Elizabeth Street Jewelry-

    This New Orleans born and raised artist knows her way around her craft. Taking inspiration from the contents of her grandmother’s jewelry box, her 2008 collection of handmade pieces took off. Completely handmade at a private studio in Los Angeles, her jewelry is sure to sparkle and delight.


    Elizabeth is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design and had worked in many aspects of the jewelry industry. Starting her own line in 2008, she became inspired by the aesthetic of paint chipping off old houses and the texture of oxidized iron fences. Through all her creations, Elizabeth appreciates the rare beauty of imperfection, which is exclusively acquired through age.


    Elizabeth Street Jewelry feature precious metals, stones and showcase many ancient and rare components sourced from estate sales and fine vintage jewelry. Elizabeth also has an interest in rose cut diamonds that stems from exposure to her grandmothers jewelry. She believes they have inherent qualities that are both imperfect and uniquely beautiful. Her intention was to design around the rose cut stone in order to pay homage and not hide any distinctive qualities that make the stone unique.




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