How to care for your jewels:

Fine jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last generations, but proper care is required to assure the lasting qualities of your jewelry.


A few of our favorite care tips:

  • The standard recommendation is to visit your jewelry store once or twice every year for a “check-up” to ensure no stones are loose, metal isn’t scratched and all fasteners and clasps are in good shape.
  • Have your fine jewelry cleaned twice a year by a professional jeweler - most places will do this for free.
  • Keep gemstones out of direct sunlight. If left in the sun for extended periods of time, gemstone colors can fade, pearls can bleach out and materials like amber can darken.
  • Limit your jewelry’s exposure to chemicals such as cleaning products, pool chlorine and even lotions and perfumes. These can discolor some metals or permanently damage the surface of porous stones such as turquoise.
  • When cleaning jewelry at home use a mild soap and very soft bristled brush. Rinse your jewelry in a glass of clean water to remove all solvents - never rinse over a sink in case a stone comes loose.
  • Store jewelry in the boxes or pouches in which they came. If you do not have the original packaging, store them in individual padded slots or spaces in a high quality jewelry box. Do not toss pieces of jewelry on top of each other in a box or on a dresser  as they can scratch and tangle.
  • Store silver in tarnish-free pouches. Have a jeweler-grade silver polish cloth on hand to remove any possible silver tarnish build up.


Additional questions?